Lawyers, businessmen and women, accountants and government officials depend on precise communication to get their jobs done. Proper hearing is an essential part of effective communication.

At Middle Tennessee Mobile Hearing Solutions, our professionally trained techs, audiologist and physicians are acutely aware of the hearing needs of our patients.

Therefore, we provide accurate hearing screenings that fit your busy schedule. Our mobile hearing screenings are performed quickly and privately so that you can get back to work.

Contact us today to set up a convenient time for our Mobile Hearing Solutions’ team to ensure your hearing is operating at it fullest potential so that your success is ensured.


What We Do

Perform complete hearing tests to diagnose/treat hearing loss. If a hearing aid is prescribed, we make the transition of wearing a hearing aid as seamless as possible. The complete hearing test steps include:

  1. Tympanometry – This painless test checks the movement of the eardrum.
  2. Headphone Hearing Tests – Series of tests including pure-tone test, speech recognition threshold test, most comfortable listening level test, an uncomfortable loudness level test and a speech discrimination test
  3. Bone Conduction Test – A small oscillator is placed behind your ear to test possible issues related to inner ear hearing loss.
  4. Results – The results will determine if there is hearing loss, if the hearing loss is conductive (relating to the outer and/or middle ear), sensorineural (relating to the inner ear cells or nerves) or a combination of both. Results will also determine if hearing loss is mild, moderate or severe. If a hearing aid is recommended, we provide a recommendation based on severity, lifestyle and budget.

What We Offer

We offer competitive pricing on top hearing aid brands and include the following benefits:

• Hearing evaluation by a hearing care professional
• Delivery and programming of hearing aid
• Quarterly follow-up visits
• 30-day trial period
• Loss and damage insurance
• Minimum 1-year factory warranty
• Financing available

If you are not satisfied with your hearing aids, return them within the trial period and receive 100% of your money back.