Senior Living
Our Mobile Hearing Solutions’ team will come to your home. Our hearing screenings are reviewed by ENT Physicians as well as the on-site Audiologist.We’ll work directly with you to make sure any needed insurance or self-pay paperwork is properly filled out and distributed to all necessary parties.We look forward to helping you hear all that life has to offer. Contact us today to set up a scheduled screening day in your home.

What We Do

Perform complete hearing tests to diagnose/treat hearing loss. If a hearing aid is prescribed, we make the transition of wearing a hearing aid as seamless as possible. The complete hearing test steps include:

  1. Tympanometry – This painless test checks the movement of the eardrum.
  2. Headphone Hearing Tests – Series of tests including pure-tone test, speech recognition threshold test, most comfortable listening level test, an uncomfortable loudness level test and a speech discrimination test
  3. Bone Conduction Test – A small oscillator is placed behind your ear to test possible issues related to inner ear hearing loss.
  4. Results – The results will determine if there is hearing loss, if the hearing loss is conductive (relating to the outer and/or middle ear), sensorineural (relating to the inner ear cells or nerves) or a combination of both. Results will also determine if hearing loss is mild, moderate or severe. If a hearing aid is recommended, we provide a recommendation based on severity, lifestyle and budget.

What We Offer

We offer competitive pricing on top hearing aid brands and include the following benefits:

• Hearing evaluation by a hearing care professional
• Delivery and programming of hearing aid
• Quarterly follow-up visits
• 30-day trial period
• Loss and damage insurance
• Minimum 1-year factory warranty
• Financing available

If you are not satisfied with your hearing aids, return them within the trial period and receive 100% of your money back.