I looked at my Mom and said, ‘I can hear myself whisper!’
Emily, age 10

Constance suffered from ear infections and hearing loss for the past three years. After receiving a hearing aid in her right ear, she has better awareness of the sounds around her. The level of care she receives is wonderful.
Constance B.’s Mother

Mother is practically blind, so she needed one of her major senses to work well. She lost one of her old hearing aids and needed to replace them. We were dissatisfied with our previous provider, so we went to talk to an audiologist at Middle Tennessee Hearing Solutions, just to gather information. When we met Michael he was so personable and explained everything we needed to know. Mom replaced her old ones and hasn’t had any regrets or buyer’s remorse!
Katherine W.’s Daughter
Seven years ago I had my ears tested and was told I had some hearing loss, but did not opt for hearing aids. In 2012, I could not catch the last part of people’s sentences. I had trouble hearing the homily at church, character’s lines in plays, TV or people talking in three person conversations. Now that I have my hearing aids, everything has greatly improved. I felt secure during my office visit. They did not push a specific brand of product and I felt that it was all about me and my hearing loss problem.
Florence W.